Past Exhibitions

The Frontier features rotating exhibitions by artists whose work supports the Frontier mission: connecting people to the world. Exhibitions at Frontier range from local to international photography, storytelling, travel, food and farm documentation, local history, and community organizations.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work at Frontier, please complete and submit the exhibition submission form. Exhibitions show for 2-3 months and are booked 9-12 months in advance. All artwork must be exhibition ready.

October 23, 2018–February 10, 2019

Southgate Faces: Faces & Voices from an American Shipyard

Heather Perry & Hopper McDonough

Curious about the gritty, hard hat-wearing workers at a shipyard in their own backyard, Heather Perry and Hopper McDonough of Bath, Maine set out to capture the faces and voices of shipbuilders at Bath Iron Works, one of the nation’s oldest shipyards and one of Maine’s largest employers. What began as a mission to gain understanding about the lives of a population in their blind spot took on new significance about halfway through the project, in the heat of the 2016 presidential election. Amid so much public discord, Heather and Hopper found themselves poised to listen to the neighbors they’d never known. It is their hope that the project continues to promote listening and respectful discourse between communities that have often moved among one another without the benefit of dialogue.

August 6–October 22, 2018

Mill Works II

Various artists

This sequel exhibition presents a selection of Ft. Andross Mill artists. The artists included have a range of experience and expertise and have helped make the mill a cultural hub for Mid-Coast Maine and destination for collectors and curators from around the country. Stylistically, this exhibition will include both realism and abstraction and will feature painting, sculpture, photography and jewelry. “Mill Works II” provides a glimpse into the scope of work being created here and reflects the community of current artists in the greater Brunswick area.

June 4–August 6, 2018

8th Annual All Species Exhibit: Waterways

Spindleworks* & Various Artists

The exhibit “Waterways” is meant to draw attention to our living planet both to celebrate, and to raise awareness of the diversity of species, all of which are affected by our actions and inactions. This year we as artists to submit work about or relating to the health of our oceans, streams, rivers, lakes, bogs and the life that depend on these habitats. We welcome diversity of artistic expression to reflect this huge part of our natural environment, but we reserve the right to turn away art that does not relate to this topic. This will be the 8th annual All Species exhibit, which has drawn artists from across Maine and across the country. This year we have chosen the Cathance River Education Alliance to receive the funds raised. We recognize the important role that this organization plays in educating the public and protecting species in our local community. 30% from each sale will be donated to this important and well-loved local organization.

*Spindleworks is a non-profit art center for adults with disabilities and a program of the Independence Association of Brunswick Maine, whose mission is to help children and adults with disabilities achieve full and inclusive lives in their chosen community.

April–May, 2018

Boats: England & America

Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas is a UK based artist who lives just outside London close to the east coast. His 10 year old daughter Matilda moved to Topsham, Maine a few years ago and Lee has been visiting frequently ever since. The boat and sea pictures soon followed, inspired by the Maine coast as well as the coast nearby where he lives in England, places such as Mersea Island, Wivenhoe and Aldeburgh. This body of work combines mark making, abstract photography and draftsmanship.

Lee is a multi-disciplined artist, and this is his first US exhibition. He has exhibited at various galleries throughout the UK for the last 15 years.

‘The dramatic nature of the sea appeals to me, not because I want to sail, but because It fits perfectly with how I want to express myself in my work. There is also a strong connection to my daughter moving to America and how I’ve dealt with that through my art. It’s all about dramatic seas not calm seas.’

Lee draws his inspiration from the world and nature around him in all his work. From the sea and boats, to animals and woodland, his every experience is evident in the breadth and style of his work.

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” – Vincent Van Gogh

“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.” -Werner Herzog

You can find more of his work at: or on Instagram: lee1973thomas

October 3rd – November 13th, 2017

Material Possibilities

Mildred Johnson

Frontier will host an exhibition featuring some of the late Mildred Johnson’s assemblages along with many previously unexhibited 2D works. The exhibition features work that spans the time Mildred maintained studios at Ft. Andross as well as some of her earlier fiber work and drawings. As one of the first artists to have a studio in the mill, Mildred enjoyed an inspired camaraderie with her fellow artists in the Brunswick community, never gave up her ongoing quest for materials, and always enjoyed being a regular at Frontier. We are pleased to be able to honor and remember our friend with this exhibit curated by Susan Westly Wren of West Island Gallery.

August 1, 2017 - Oct 1, 2017

The 7th Annual All Species Exhibition: THE EXTINCTION EVENT

Presented by Spindleworks

The Extinction Event is an art exhibit that raises alarm for the drastic changes in our climate, which is causing the current crisis for all species on the planet.

May 1, 2017 – July 30, 2017


Liz McGhee

This body of work has been created as Maine has been trying to find its way towards spring. I find inspiration in organic textures, shapes, and processes. I incorporate printing from natural objects to add the element of chance and surprise to my process and to nurture an ongoing a conversation with the page.

A portion of any work sold from this exhibit will be donated to ILAP, the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project. Much thanks to Frontier for this opportunity.

May 1, 2017 – July 30, 2017


Collin Howell

Life at Winterberry Farm is the only life Sage has ever known. Her mother, Mary, moved to the farm shortly before Sage was born. The old dairy farm, built in 1870, had been dormant for twenty years before Mary bought it in 2001. Mary’s dream was to revitalize the forty acre farm so she could live there with her family and earn a living from the land. With the help of her oldest daughter, Kenya, her son, Gil, Sage, and farm apprentices, Mary has realized this dream.

Today, the horse-and-oxen powered organic farm not only provides food for the family, but for 50 other local families through its community supported agriculture program. The farm also has a farmstand, equipped with a commercial kitchen, where the family cooks and sells goods from the farm.

Sage spends many hours of her day outside helping to run the farm. She plays and explores with the wonder of a child, but works with the strength and maturity of an adult.

What is it like to be this young farmer? This ongoing work looks at the life of a family farm through the eyes of a young girl whose only home has been this land that her mother credits for giving her and her children safety, security, and a living.

March 5, 2017 – April 30, 2017

Hollywood Magic

bomb diggity arts / The Art Department

Fantastic, colorful celebrity drawings and paintings by artists from bomb diggity arts and The Art Department. We wanted to celebrate other artists who share their gifts with the world, just like
we do.

bomb diggity arts is a community-support program of Momentum serving adults of all abilities, promoting the discovery of artistic expression, exploring personal interest and passion, developing a healthy lifestyle, and building a meaningful and reciprocal connection to ones’ community.

January 10, 2017 – March 5, 2017

Faces of Farms

Catherine Frost

Farm animals selflessly feed out hearts, souls and bodies.

They keep us warm, healthy and happy, asking very little in return but some hay, a dry spot to sleep and, in some cases, a regular milking.

They instinctually protect us and one another: herding, feeding and playing as communities should.

As much as these animals appear to be the same, when you look more closely, you see each is a unique and fascinating creature whose expression tells its very own story.