The Frontier features rotating exhibitions by artists whose work supports the Frontier mission: connecting people to the world. Exhibitions at Frontier range from local to international photography, storytelling, travel, food and farm documentation, local history, and community organizations.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work at Frontier, please complete and submit the exhibition submission form. Exhibitions show for 2-3 months and are booked 9-12 months in advance. All artwork must be exhibition ready.

August 6–October 22, 2018

Mill Works II

Various artists

This sequel exhibition presents a selection of Ft. Andross Mill artists. The artists included have a range of experience and expertise and have helped make the mill a cultural hub for Mid-Coast Maine and destination for collectors and curators from around the country. Stylistically, this exhibition will include both realism and abstraction and will feature painting, sculpture, photography and jewelry. “Mill Works II” provides a glimpse into the scope of work being created here and reflects the community of current artists in the greater Brunswick area.


Plus Ultra ~ Further Beyond

Michael Gilroy (Gil)

Our world’s vast cultural landscape is ultimately defined by the intimate, gritty, and vulnerable moments we universally share.  Plus Ultra ~ Further Beyond reflects these moments and seeks to connect us to the world and to the inspiration behind creating Frontier.