The Frontier features rotating exhibitions by artists whose work supports the Frontier mission: connecting people to the world. Exhibitions at Frontier range from local to international photography, storytelling, travel, food and farm documentation, local history, and community organizations.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work at Frontier, please complete and submit the exhibition submission form. Exhibitions show for 2-3 months and are booked 9-12 months in advance. All artwork must be exhibition ready.

October 23, 2018–February 10, 2019

Southgate Faces: Faces & Voices from an American Shipyard

Heather Perry & Hopper McDonough

Curious about the gritty, hard hat-wearing workers at a shipyard in their own backyard, Heather Perry and Hopper McDonough of Bath, Maine set out to capture the faces and voices of shipbuilders at Bath Iron Works, one of the nation’s oldest shipyards and one of Maine’s largest employers. What began as a mission to gain understanding about the lives of a population in their blind spot took on new significance about halfway through the project, in the heat of the 2016 presidential election. Amid so much public discord, Heather and Hopper found themselves poised to listen to the neighbors they’d never known. It is their hope that the project continues to promote listening and respectful discourse between communities that have often moved among one another without the benefit of dialogue.


Plus Ultra ~ Further Beyond

Michael Gilroy (Gil)

Our world’s vast cultural landscape is ultimately defined by the intimate, gritty, and vulnerable moments we universally share.  Plus Ultra ~ Further Beyond reflects these moments and seeks to connect us to the world and to the inspiration behind creating Frontier.