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A partnership between Frontier and Mid Coast Hospital and Access Health, this film series features films that shine a spotlight on important health topics for the Midcoast region.


The Invisible Patients
Directed by Patrick O’Connor
Genre: Documentary
1hr 28mins

THE INVISIBLE PATIENTS tells the story of Jessica Macleod, a nurse practitioner, and four homebound patients she cares for in Evansville, Indiana. Together they put a human face on some of the most urgent healthcare issues facing our nation, from the living conditions of the elderly poor and end-of-life care, to the soaring costs of hospitalization, complexity of insurance and overprescription of opiates.

Their stories reveal the emotional as well as financial burdens created by our current system, and cry out for solutions. THE INVISIBLE PATIENTS pulls back the curtain on a hidden, vulnerable population, whose circumstances ask us to wrestle with not just healthcare policy, but as importantly, how to mend today’s fraying social fabric.

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