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Weekend Concert Series

Our weekend concert series showcases a culturally diverse mix of musical genres in a seated, listening room environment.


The State Street Traditional Jazz Band performs vintage New Orleans Jazz dating back to the early 1900s through the 1920s to its authentic origins at the turn of the last Century. These enchanting sounds were only heard then in New Orleans and throughout the Louisiana Delta region.

However, following World War I, jazz moved north out of New Orleans and in the course of the move it inevitably changed…..

Still, at that time many musical greats kept it alive such as Louis Armstrong, and other notable musicians of that era. In more recent years groups such as the Original Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans, and a few traditional New Orleans jazz groups played this enchanting music.

Sadly, today the original legendary musicians have passed, but the State Street Traditional Jazz Band is dedicated to playing, preserving and keeping this joyful music alive!

This band performs familiar early jazz songs, blues numbers and old New Orleans spirituals dating back over 100 years. Favorites from this era played by the State Street Traditional Jazz Band include: When the Saints Go Marching In, Has anybody Seen My Gal, Saint Louis Blues, and over 100 other songs in their musical repertoire from that time period.

This is not “Dixieland” nor is it “Straw Hat” music – this is the REAL DEAL, folks. It doesn’t get any better than this. Outside of dedicated portions of New Orleans and a few select jazz festivals worldwide, you will not hear this music, which is now a living art form.

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Fri Nov 3 | 8pm


  • Advanced | $12
  • Day of Show | $15