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Frontier Studios is the non-profit arm of Frontier that continues our work as a community connector, curator, and catalyst; working collaboratively to incubate, design, and produce food, arts, and cultural projects that connect people to the world.


SoundBites is a new kind of storytelling series produced by Frontier Studios, the new non-profit arm of Frontier that expands our work as a community connector/curator/catalyst. With a dedicated theme tying each Bite together, the night will feature regional Moth StorySlam Champions and locals sharing true tales., and audio and media pulled from the 43 years of Maine history in the Salt Archive. The sixth installment of our third season will be themed Seen/Unseen and features the talents of Ben Cunningham, winner of Boston’s 2017 Big Mouth Off Story Slam; Phuc Tran, classicist, tattooer, whose TEDx Talk on grammar and identity was featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour; Gina Alibrio, lead and backup vocalist in several collectives, as well as music educator; Katie Brown, co-founding director of the Locker Project; and Donna Galluzzo, co-founder of SoundBites and executive director of Maine’s largest HIV/AIDS community based service organization. Generous sponsorship is made available by Allagash Brewing and The Press Hotel.

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Thurs Oct 18 | 7:30pm


  • General Admission | $10.5