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DOUBLE FEATURE: I Know a Man … Ashley Bryan & J. Fred Woell: An American Vision
Two NEW Maine Master award-winning films + Q&A with director/producer Richard Kane
Films running time: 2hrs

I Know a Man … Ashley Bryan (Richard Kane and Robert Shetterly 2016) celebrates the joy of life, the wonders of creativity, and one man’s love of humanity. The hour documentary is about this 90-year-old creative wonder who skips and jumps in his heart like a child. He served in a World War II all-Black battalion and experienced the carnage of D-Day and the racism of a segregated Army. As a result he dedicated his life to creating beauty and joy, spreading love and awe through his art. He’s a poet/illustrator of over 50 award-winning children’s books (many published by Simon & Schuster), erudite former professor at Dartmouth College, makes magical puppets and sea glass windows from found objects inspired by his African heritage. Ashley lives on the remote Cranberry Islands, Maine and has been using art his entire life to celebrate joy, mediate the darkness of war and racism, explore the mysteries of faith, and create loving community. The film explores his world from the time his father “was given the mop and the broom”, (a reference to the Gordon Parks photograph). He quotes Marian Anderson admonishing “to keep another down you have to hold them down, and therefore cannot … soar to the potential within you.” He spreads beauty through his linocut prints exhorting “Let My People Go”. His life story and the art he makes from this wellspring of experience is an inspiration to people of all ages.


“Ashley Bryan … radiates the joy of living….” ~ School Library Journal

“… a vibrant, inspiring, personal portrait of an artist who possesses the desire to help people find their inner child.” ~ Booklist

“An inspiring look at the healing powers of art.” ~ Library Journal

“… vibrant, joyous, utterly engaging.” ~ Maine Today


J. Fred Woell: An American Vision (by Richard Kane with Robert Shetterly, 51min, 2017) captures the essence of a political artist who believed deeply in the power of the creative spirit. As a patriot he had profound beliefs in our democratic ideals yet saw the flaws in our politics. He used art to make satirically searing commentary often on the dark side of history. An inspiring, humble and humorous artist and teacher, Woell opened the door to a new way of seeing.


“Fantastic … a really important film…” ~ Barbara Gifford, curator, Museum of Arts and Design (NYC)

“… captures the essence of a man who believed deeply in the power of the creative spirit… inspiring.” ~ Stuart Kestenbaum, Maine Poet Laureate


Director’s Bio:

Richard Kane is a producer/director of arts documentaries living and working on the coast of Maine. J. Fred Woell: An American Vision is Kane’s 4th feature premiered at the Camden International Film Festival and will premiere in New York at the Museum of Arts and Design March 29, 2018. I Know a Man … Ashley Bryan is Kane’s 3rd feature and 17th film in Maine Masters collection, a New England Emmy-nominated series directed and produced by Kane. I Know a Man … Ashley Bryan was just selected for its 14th film festival, the Africa World International Film Festival and will tour Africa and the Caribbean in 2018. In December 2017 the film and won the Hector Leonardi Art & Inspiration Award at the Hampton’s Take 2 Documentary Film Festival. His previous 2014 doc feature, Imber’s Left Hand, won four BEST FILM Audience Awards on the festival circuit. In 2012 he released a documentary on the American artist/scholar and curator David Driskell that won the David Shaw Prize for Best Film broadcast on Maine Public TV in 2015. His first feature M.C. Richards: The Fire Within won Best Film at the Image Gazer Film Festival in 2012. His production company Kane-Lewis Productions has worked for National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and the White House amongst others. Kane won a Cine Golden Eagle for the series Faces of Microcredit directed for the Microcredit Summit, chaired by then First Lady Hillary Clinton; wrote and produced for the White House Technology: Renewing the American Dream, narrated by President Bill Clinton. Kane’s second short film Tough, Pretty or Smart: A Portrait of


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