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Damnationland 2017: The Way Life Should Bleed
Various directors
Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Horror

Dark cinema descends upon Maine once again this October with the 8th Annual Damnationland film showcase. Each year, Damnationland seeks the best and brightest filmmakers in Maine to produce original works for a showcase program of dark genre films, perfect for the fall season. Our premiere event draws over 800 excited film fans to the beautiful State Theater in Portland every year in early October, before traveling all over Maine, and to festivals beyond.

Ellis Ducharme of King City Productions & Alexander Richard Balzano of Resurgam Productions

Mackenzie Bartlett
The story of Evelyn Doyle: a beacon of sin in a town which values moral piety above all else. Evelyn Doyle is not the first to be baptized. There are women in the town who carry with them the burden of their shame, and they do not speak.

“The Journal of Mortimer Laszlo Frein”
Tadin Jeongshin Brown
In a neo-period world near the turn of the 20th century, an amnesiatic traveling shoe salesman finds himself guest in a strange Inn, with dark secrets behind every door.
With a journal to guide his way, and a peculiar attachment to footwear, Mortimer Laszlo Frein will navigate the steps of his past, present, and future.

“Jolie Laide”
Charlotte Warren
Seduced by the promise of the impossible a young woman follows a strange guide through a derelict world of misfits. Heaven isn’t for everybody.

“Graveyard Fun”
Alex Steed
An vivid and beautiful animated ghost story about a father and daughter who visit a graveyard on a rainy day.

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