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Community Series

Partnering with community brick and mortar nonprofits to educate and inspire.


Join us for a short presentation and slideshow in Frontier’s theater at 1pm to learn about Tuko Pamoja with special guest, Justus Mwaka, Tuko Pamoja Director in Kenya, who has come all the way from Kenya!

Tuko Pamoja supports over 150 compromised women raising over 1000 children in Kenya. We purchase their beautiful crafts, bring the items to America and offer them for purchase by you! When you purchase an item, you enable women in Kenya to provide food, safe housing and education for their children. All proceeds go to the women in Kenya. Tuko Pamoja means “We are together” in Swahili. Please come and learn about these creative, resilient, and inspiring women who are our sisters in Kenya. Hear their stories, our stories of working with them, be moved, perhaps to tears as we usually are, when we talk about our experiences and connection with them.


Sat Dec 1 | Kenya Sale in hallway 11am-5pm, presentation in Theater 1pm


  • No ticket required