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Our Health Film and Discussion Series

A partnership between Frontier and Mid Coast Hospital, this film series features films that shine a spotlight on important health topics for the Midcoast region.


Our Health Film Series presents: Age of Champions
Directed by Christopher Rufo and Keith Ochwat
Genre: Documentary
54 mins

Age of Champions is the uplifting story of five competitors who sprint, leap, and swim for gold at the National Senior Olympics. You’ll meet a 100 year-old tennis champion, 86 year-old pole vaulter, octogenarian swimmers, and rough-and-tumble basketball grandmothers who all battle to overcome the limitations of age. When one athlete loses a spouse and another is diagnosed with cancer, they’ve forced to dig even deeper to make their Olympic dreams come true. It’s a story about the triumph of the human spirit and a must-see for people of all ages.

Age of Champions premiered to a standing ovation at the prestigious Silverdocs Film Festival and has since shown in more than 300 cities around the world. The Washington Post called the film “infectiously inspiring” and its characters have been featured in major media outlets including ABC, CBS, PBS, and NPR.

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Tues March 26 | 7pm


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