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2018 Manhattan Short Film Festival
Various directors
2hrs 20mins (including an 8min intermission)

Latest News: This year, MANHATTAN SHORT received 1565 entries from 73 countries from which 9 finalists were selected. These 9 short films will screen more than 1000 times in over 300 cities on six continents between September 27 and October 7. And the judges of these films are you, the audience! On entry to the theater, you will be handed a ballot so you can vote for the best short film and actor at the conclusion of the program. Votes will be sent to Manhattan Short’s headquarters and the winners will be announced at on Monday Oct 8 at 10:00 am. The directors and actors eagerly await your decision.

Number of Entries:
The 9 MANHATTAN SHORT finalists hail from eight countries with films from Austria, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, New Zealand, USA, and two films from the United Kingdom. These Final 9 short films represent the best short films among 1565 submissions from 73 countries received by MANHATTAN SHORT for 2018, testimony to the enduring vibrancy and creativity of short films. This year’s Final 9 represent an extraordinary range of film genres that includes intimate dramas, fast-paced animation, spine-tingling tales, a World War II epic, a film shot entirely underwater, and a comedy as part of the MANHATTAN SHORT program.

The Final Nine are:
Baghead (United Kingdom) 14:58
Fire in Cardboard City (New Zealand) 8:47
Home Shopper (USA) 16:15
Her (Kosovo) 12:14
Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times (United Kingdom) 12:12
Someone (Germany) 14:00
Chuchotage (Hungary) 16:00
Fauve (Canada) 16:00
Lacrimosa (Austria) 18:27

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Fri Oct 5 | 3pm
Sat Oct 6 | 3pm, 7pm
Sun Oct 7 | 3pm, 7pm


  • General Admission | $10