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Many of Frontier's best programs and exhibits are generated by our own community. We think this is awesome! And we want to encourage more of it. If you have an idea for a program at Frontier – film, music, art, speaker, children's program, festival, book signing or any other type of event – we invite you to contact us via our Submission Form.

Please note we have a limited staff to receive and process many great ideas, so we appreciate your patience. We are not always available to take your phone calls, so please utilize the Submission Form to share your ideas. We will do our best to reply to you within two weeks.

We evaluate submissions based primarily on our mission of connecting people to the world, but also seek work that has creative/artistic relevance to today, is culturally connective, has strong educational or entertainment value and/or supports great storytelling.

Most programs get booked 4-8 weeks in advance (except gallery exhibitions which are 6-12 months). There are many exceptions, so please don't hesitate to submit an idea even it's less than 4 weeks away.

General Guidelines and Event Booking

We encourage you to review The Frontier Story before submitting your ideas to ensure an appropriate fit. For a representation of past events and exhibits see Event Archives and Gallery Archives

Please take a moment to review some of the general guidelines regarding the more common submissions at Frontier:


We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with filmmakers, directors, actors, affinity groups, passionate individuals, organizations, etc... wishing to host a film &/or discussion at Frontier.

We receive many general film recommendations. While we wish we could screen them all, we face a number of challenges; 1) we're currently a one screen theatre 2) many films are expensive to procure rights to screen 3) there may not be a viable audience for the film 4) film distribution is a complicated beast, so it's often difficult for a small independent theatre to get rights to screen many first-run films and 5) we do not screen in 35mm, so many first-run films are unavailable to us in the opening weeks. Nevertheless, send us your ideas. All submissions help us to better understand the interests of our community.


Our music scene is expanding. Some would add, "Finally!". Alas we are committed to bringing great live music to the area. There are two stages for live music:

1) The Cinema Stage, located in our cinema, seats 85 (more/less depending on configuration).  This is a great listening room, and musicians love performing here because they receive an attentive and appreciative audience. Food and beverage can be enjoyed during the show.

2) The Crossroads Stage, located in the café, seats approx 100, but can accommodate upwards of 150 with standing. This environment provides a more social audience, and will imbue the ambient noise of the café.


The Frontier Gallery is essentially the walls of our space. Our Beyond Gallery wall is a vibrant opportunity to exhibit contemporary visual stories produced collaboratively with storytellers from Maine and around the world. Our Compass Points compliment seasonal themes with stories and artwork that educate and inspire. Additional exhibition space is dedicated to presenting local stories and artwork. For past exhibitions please see Gallery Archives

Please note: We generally book 6-12 months in advance, but will often fit in smaller shows between our feature exhibits.

Frontier is a multi-use facility, so please keep in mind that art exhibitions will share time/space with concerts, children's programs, wedding receptions, fundraisers and a multitude of other gatherings. Below is a list of the exhibition space at Frontier:


1) Beyond Gallery ~ This is our feature exhibition space. Approximately 30'w (27' + 2'10") x 11'h. Plywood backed drywall. Spot lit, but also receives lots of ambient light. Metal rail available for hanging with fishing line.




2) Compass Points ~ This is comprised of 9 distinct brick walls separated by large windows (7'w x 10'h). Useable space on the compass points is approximately 44"w x 7'h. Brick is painted off-white. Each Compass point is individually spot lit.




3) Miscellaneous space ~ There are two additional distinct exhibition areas. Both areas could compliment the Beyond Gallery well, but can also hold their own exhibit. One area is approximately 11'w x 11'. The other is 8'w x 11'. Both areas are lit with floods.




4) Theatre Walls ~ The interior walls of our theatre are well suited for some shows, not all.  Actual exhibition space could have many possibilities, but in general hosts 5 distinct areas 10'-20'w x 14'h. No direct spot lights.

General Events, Partnerships and Collaborations

This is Frontier's great wild card...and over the years we've hosted everything from Belly and Hip Hop dancers to Acadian fiddlers and Taiko drummers. From the Governor in person to the Presidential Inauguration live in HD. From European Operas to Leonard Cohen live at the Isle of Wight. From the Telluride Mountain Film Festival to the Fly Fishing Film Festival. From the Tour de France to the World Cup (coming in '10). Frontier has collaborated with organizations locally, nationally and internationally to bring the best of the world home. If you've got an idea...share it.  We'll entertain it. See Event Archives


Frontier's schedule of events is dynamic and ever-changing. We do our best to promote every event through our different media channels; website, e-newsletter, printed newsletter, community calendars, social media, posters and flyers. Admittedly, some events get more/less attention than others, do to limited time and resources. The best way you can help attract an audience to your event is to assist Frontier with the promotional strategy. We encourage you to create materials such as posters and flyers, submit press releases to the local media and "get out the word" through creative guerilla marketing ideas. You know your audience best, so let's work together to target your unique audience.

Marketing Materials

In an effort to best assist Frontier promote your event we ask that you please submit marketing materials based on the following formats:


72dpi (resolution)

149 pixels (height) x 102 pixels (width)

365 pixels (height) x 605 pixels (width)


Word Document


You-Tube video or equivalent.

Official website and applicable weblinks

Additional Services

Frontier is committed to helping make your event successful. To this end, we offer a few additional services to help support your event. Additional fees may apply.

Reservations ~ Frontier is set up to handle reservations for your event. This includes processing cash, check and credit card transactions between 9am-9pm (Monday-Saturday), as well as ticketing and tracking of individual attendees.

Poster/Flyer Design ~ If you are interested in customizing a poster, flyer or other promotional material for your event, please contact us to discuss specific ideas.

Press contacts ~ Please Contact Frontier for full list of press contacts.

Please complete the Submission Form so we can get started planning your event.


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