In the spirit of regeneration, the new-old Frontier bar is made entirely from found objects - mostly from within the mill itself.  Diamond plate steel, I-beams and old butcher block workshop tables (thanks DSOCF).  A labor of love - we designed this bar to be a gathering place for the good things:  Friends, food, libations, stories, dreams, ideas, romance and some occasional shenanigans.  A destination. And a place to plan your next adventure.

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Mule 2.0 | 9

Beet vodka, Maine Root ginger beer, rocks, lime, mint sprig

Frontier Bloody Mary | 9.5

Frontier’s original Bloody Mary recipe with local Ice Pik vodka (G) or house
infused spirit, rocks, lemon, smoked salt cucumber, olive & onion skewer
Try it with Maine Craft Distilling Chesuncook botanical spirit | 11

Fo Fana | 9.5

Banana vodka, Gosling’s Black Seal rum, grapefruit juice, walnut bitters,
grenadine, lemon & lime squeeze, rocks, tart cherry

Negroni Vecchio | 11

Maine Craft Distilling Sprigge gin, Dolin Rouge vermouth, Campari, rocks,
orange twist—Substitute Cynar for Campari, a staff favorite!

The Avenue Verte (G) | 11

Cold River gin, Courvoisier, lavender green tea honey, lemon juice, up,
prosecco float, thyme sprig

Rita Hayworth | 11

Ancho chili & hibiscus tequila, Cointreau, house sour, up, smoked salt rim, lime

Lucille | 9.5

Strawberry tequila, Chartreuse, jalapeño shrub, rocks, lemon twist, cucumber

Birds and Bees (G) | 10.5

Hornitos Reposado tequila, rosemary honey, ruby red grapefruit juice,
rocks, Green Bee Lemon Sting float, half salt rim, lime

Santiago | 11.5

Bartlett Rusticator, Maine Craft Distilling Queequeg, and New England Distilling
Eight Bells rums, Cocchi Americano, apricot syrup, lemon juice, up, mint leaf

Maine Sazerac | 12

New England Distilling Gunpowder rye, Courvoisier, simple syrup, rhubarb
bitters, up, Tree Spirits Absinthe Verte rinse, grapefruit twist

Terra Tea | 10

Lemon-vanilla-star anise bourbon, Cocchi Rosa, Royal Rose orange vanilla
syrup, rose petal-pink peppercorn Darjeeling tea, muddled grapes, lemon
and orange, Coastal Root garam masala bitters, rocks, mint sprig

The Katana | 10.5
Honeydew shiso sake, Bombay gin, kiwi lime leaf shrub, lime squeeze,

rocks, dried kiwi



Lavender’s Blue* | 5

Lavender green tea honey, cranberry juice, lemon,
grapefruit bitters, seltzer, rocks, thyme sprig

The Salty Kiwi (G) | 5

Ruby red grapefruit juice, house sour, kiwi lime leaf shrub,
rocks, salt rim, dried kiwi

Mumbai Rose* | 5
Rose petal-pink peppercorn Darjeeling tea, Royal Rose orange

vanilla syrup, muddled grapes, lemon & orange, Coastal Root
garam masala bitters, rocks, mint sprig

*Contains trace amounts of alcohol





Pepperell Pilsner | Banded Horn Brewing Co. | 6
16oz, 4.6% | Everything a German Pils should

be—light, crisp, and refreshing

Farmhouse Pale Ale | Oxbow | 6.5
12oz, 6.5% | Hoppy Belgian style pale, crisp

and clean, notes of citrus and spice

Lunch | Maine Beer Co. | 7
16oz, 7.0% | A big and memorable IPA, just

like the whale it is named after

The Substance Ale | Bissell Brothers | 7
16oz, 6.6% | Brightly dank ale with juicy hop character

Timberhitch | Fore River Brewing Co. | 6.5
16oz, 6.3% | Malty and smooth Irish red ale

Burnside | Foundation Brewing Co. | 6.5
16oz, 5.1% | Traditional English style brown

ale brewed with Maine-grown oats

Oyster Stout | Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. | 7
16oz, | 6.1% | A light bodied yet flavorful stout,
brewed with whole oysters

Guest Tap
Ask your server about our current selection



Narragansett Lager | 4
16oz, 5% | Crisp and refreshing American lager

Allagash White | Allagash Brewing Co. | 5.5
12oz, 5% | Belgian style white ale, light, crisp, and clean

Allagash Black | Allagash Brewing Co. | 6.5
12oz, 7.5% | Belgian style stout, smooth and rich yet

finishes dry

Ixnay | Geary’s | 5.5
12oz, 4.7% | Brewed from grains yet crafted to remove

the gluten using a naturally occurring enzyme

Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic | 4.5
12oz, .05% | An alcohol-free light German lager





Rotating Cider
An ever changing cider from here and away


Original Blend Cider | Downeast (G) | 5.5
12oz, 5.1% | Made with freshly pressed apples,
balanced dry and sweet

Hopped Cidah | Urban Farm Fermentory (G) | 7.5
12oz, 6.8% | Bone-dry cider conditioned with
citrusy Cascade hops





BUBBLY | 187ml split

Le Contesse Prosecco, NV | 9
Veneto, Italy
A beautiful little bottle of bubbly, perfect for any celebration

Leo Hillinger Secco, NV | 10
Burgenland, Austria
100% Pinot Noir crafted into a sparkling rosé, vibrant and fresh


Toucas Vinho Verde | 7 / 26
D.O.C., Portugal
Classic, light, crisp, and tangy, subtle effervescence.

Adegas Gran Vinum Nessa Albariño, 2013 | 12 / 46
D.O. Rías Baixas, Spain
Palate is fresh, dry, and crisp, cool fruit with
accents of mineral, sea salt, and lemon zest

Barker’s Marque | Three Brooms Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 | 11 / 42
Marlborough, New Zealand
Classic minerality, zesty lime, and juicy grapefruit

Painted Wolf “The Den” Chenin Blanc, 2016 | 9 / 34
Paarl/Swartland, South Africa
Fresh, vibrant, and tropical, partially oaked for
hints of vanilla, creamy and full bodied

Bread and Butter Chardonnay, 2015 | 10 / 38
Napa, California
Just as the name says, buttery and creamy with
vanilla, oak, and citrus, round and smooth



Lockhart Pinot Noir, 2012 | 9 / 34
Red fruits, dry tannins, light spicy finish, aged in French Oak

Indigenous Sangiovese, 2011 | 10 / 38
Toscana IGT, Italy
Warm fruit, aromatic hints of dark chocolate
and cinnamon, velvety finish

Ricardo Santos Malbec, 2014 | 12 / 46
Mendoza, Argentina
Complex, round and silky, ripe fruit and jam, earthy tannins

Plungerhead Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 | 10 / 38
Sonoma, California
Dark and rich, notes of leather and dried fruit

The Mischief Maker Shiraz Mourvèdre, 2014 | 12 / 46
Black Pearl, South Africa
From distinguished wine maker Mary-Lou Nash, originally
from Fryeburg, Maine. Lush, rich and deep ruby red, herbal
and peppery, bold yet smooth



Elicio | 7 / 26
Vin de Pays de Mediterranée, France

White Vermentino
Crisp and refreshing white wine from Ventoux region of France

Red Grenache & Merlot Blend
Soft and round, with fruit forward notes of cherry, raspberry,
and spice. An easy drink from the Rhone valley

Rosé Grenache & Syrah Blend
Fresh and dry, with notes of currant and raspberry.
A versatile wine that pairs with everything





Sales tax is included in all prices.

Be festive.  Be safe.  Drink responsibly.

You must be 21 years or older to consume alcohol.

Download a PDF of the Bar Menu

‘Rita Hayworth | Ancho Pepper and Hibiscus Infused Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Lime and House Sour,
with a Salish Smoked Salt Rim. A house favorite with some kick.
Crazy Ivan | Peach Infused Vodka, shaken with Triple Sec, Fresh Lemon and Cranberry with a Sprig of
Rosemary. Our Cosmo twist.
Green Gin Fever | Jalapeno Infused Gin served with Tonic and a splash of Cranberry over ice with a Lime.
Fresh, green, jalapeno flavor with a medium spiced finish.
Three Graces | Pomegranate Tea Infused Tequila, shaken with Fresh Lemon and Triple Sec served over ice
and topped with Champagne. Bright & crisp with a light sweetness.
Good Morning Cuba | Almond Infused Vodka, shaken with Kahlua and Orange Juice, topped with Fresh
Coffee Beans. A delightful wake up call.
Fallen Apple | Spiced Rum Infused with Vanilla, Saffron, Cinnamon, Peppercorn, Orange Zest, Cloves &
Brown Sugar served over ice with a splash of House Made Peach Schnapps, Fresh Lemon and Cider.
Slightly sweet crisp Autumn in your mouth.
Frontier Mule | Almond Infused Vodka, with Fresh Lime & Ginger Beer, served over ice. Smooth ginger spice.
Orange & Elder Fashion | Bitter Sweet Orange & Ginger Infused Bourbon, with Fresh Muddled Orange,
Saint Germaine, & Angostura Bitters. Shaken & served on the rocks. Garnished with Candied Ginger.
Smooth & Zesty, not too sweet, or spicy.

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