Going Beyond

Going Beyond...A Message from GilFrontier Expansion Underway | Our Sincere Thanks

Going Beyond...

From the beginning, you've come to Frontier to experience the world through food, film and art. You've gathered to tell stories. Now, we are telling a new story. Frontier is going beyond...

This year marks a new chapter in our story. Five years ago, we opened our doors with a clear canvas, and we have continually evolved. Originally a revitalization of the Mill, Frontier is undergoing a revitalization of our own with an entirely new way to feast.

An expanded kitchen will set the stage for a new restaurant serving hearty meals and creative plates. The menu will offer the same style of cuisine blending local ingredients with world flavors. The biggest change in your experience will be a sit-down lunch and dinner service. Our wait staff will deliver each course to your table while you enjoy the view of the river, the art in the gallery and gather with friends.

Along with the kitchen and restaurant expansion, the counter at Frontier will become a full-service bar. Share a beverage, grab a quick bite and enjoy our unique atmosphere. Our diverse beer and wine offerings will still be available along with the new expanded menu.

Gather at Frontier around a hearty meal and feast. Gather with friends and tell stories. Gather at the revitalized Frontier. Because, this year, Frontier is going beyond...

Not just a place to feast, you know that Frontier is all about storytelling. And, you can expect more of the diverse, fun and thought-provoking programming in our theatre.

Come along with us on our journey as we write the next chapter in the story of Frontier. For an inside look at the changes and updates, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


A Message from Gil

A new adventure begins!

Over the last few years, I've been murmuring about Frontier's "next chapter," and now I'm pleased to finally report we break ground this week! More accurately, we start building new walls and renovating. An exciting realization after juggling this vision for so long...

From the beginning, Frontier has been inspired by leading cultural expeditions around the world and by the profound impact storytelling has on communities. We built Frontier as a crossroads where we can gather around food, film, music and art. When you strip it down, it's, ultimately, "the story" around which we gather.

So, what's our story-right here, right now? Well, in light of the global economic crisis, we realized world domination was a stretch, so we've concentrated our efforts on enriching the gathering experience at Frontier: expanded menu, service and programming. The "we" in this story consists of you, our creative support crew and the Frontier team...

First and foremost, you (our community) are helping create this next chapter. Thank you for your support: whether by visiting regularly, dropping in here and there, or simply reading our newsletter. Your patronage, recommendations and collaborations all land with great appreciation. You keep us challenged and innovative.

Thank you to our creative support crew, who, for instance, explore with me the nooks and crannies of old mills and barns to extract materials for our new bar, tables and meeting spaces. Or, those who spend time illuminating me about the origins of our organic coffee, the brewing methods of a Farmhouse Pale Ale or the technology to communicate live with a filmmaker across the country. You keep our mission authentic and honest.

And, meanwhile, deep inside the Frontier idea hub, our committed team is developing mouth-watering new menus, exciting new innovative libations and an expanded event schedule inspired by the world. In short, this team is awesome. They are eager to share their passions with you. Thank you, team, for bringing your best to the game. You keep us focused on quality and integrity.

As we say internally, Frontier's next chapter is "better same." We are committed to the same mission as we evolve to make the Frontier experience even better. Ultimately, you'll be the judge, so please join us in the journey...

Thank you,


Frontier Expansion Underway: November 7, 2011

Frontier has taken the first step in its next chapter as work has begun in Fort Andross to expand the kitchen. The chef and staff at Frontier have also completed the menu planning, which will be the cornerstone of the new restaurant.

In order to accommodate the new kitchen, Frontier will be expanding into the adjacent gallery space. The new kitchen will enable Frontier to offer an entirely new menu beyond the Marketplates, soups, salads and sandwiches the restaurant is currently known for.

"A Panini press, a hot plate and an oven—it's essentially a prep kitchen," said Michael Gilroy, Frontier owner. "That's what we've been using for the past five years. I'm thrilled to see what our staff can do with a full kitchen."

In this latest iteration, the theme and style of food will remain the same, but it will feature heartier and more diverse meals. Jason Putnam, Frontier's head chef, describes the menu as a "celebration"—a celebration of five successful years. New items on the menu include Curried Mussels, a Warm Peanut Noodle Bowl and a Frontier Burger, and Frontier will continue to source many of the products locally and produce many items from scratch daily. Many of the staple menu items will remain, and the menu will offer more vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options to meet customer requests. Additionally, Frontier has created a new brunch menu for Sundays.

"The preparation, techniques and ingredients are the key," says Putnam. "We're not a traditional kitchen—not much in the way of culinary school backgrounds—but we're committed to the food. We have tremendous respect for the product."

Beyond just a restaurant, Frontier is a gathering place, and the renovated space will still be welcoming and open. The lounge area, known as the Crossroads, will remain, and, along with some new bar top tables, will continue to make Frontier an excellent location for a business meeting or social gathering. The existing counter will be transformed into a bar using reclaimed materials, including discarded I-beams from deep within Fort Andross. The new bar will also become a major gathering point featuring Frontier's worldly selection of beer and wine along with new, Frontier-branded infused cocktails.

For Frontier's regular visitors, the biggest change will be the full-service provided in the restaurant. No longer will guests need to navigate the space on their own.

"The experience doesn't end at a counter window. We'll now be able to truly take care of our guests," explains Putnam.

The theatre will also remain, with a planned expansion to the arts and cultural programs, but the service surrounding programs will change. Frontier will now be taking reservations for dinner and an event and welcomes guests to enjoy both together without the need to rush to finish their meal in order to ensure they have theatre seats. A dinner reservation will ensure a seat in the theatre. Dinners will no longer be served in the theatre during the show—except for special events—but a new Frontier-style concession stand will be opened that will offer select menu items and beverages for theatre-goers.

"We're not a restaurant," Putnam points out. "We're about experiences. Sure, we offer a terrific menu, but you can come in to see a film and have an appetizer, grab a cup of coffee during a business meeting, or enjoy a glass of wine and dessert."

Frontier's expansion will also allow for expanded catering opportunities. Presently, Frontier offers both on- and off-site catering, and the expansion will allow more opportunities for the catering on-site. With the expanded kitchen in place, Frontier will be able to offer more diverse options for catering along with fewer disruptions to regular business hours.

Frontier plans to open the new restaurant in late-November and is currently planning its grand opening celebration. More information about the opening schedule and the grand opening will be available later this fall.

For an inside look at the changes and updates, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Our Sincere Thanks and Navigating the New!

First of all, thank you for supporting our next chapter. But, most of all, thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to refine our space, our menu, our programming and, ultimately, your experience at Frontier. Going Beyond takes time, but our core mission remains the same – connecting you to the world. With our new changes, we are ever more committed to entertaining, inspiring, educating, feeding, comforting and connecting our community.

In The Spotlight:
* Expanded, Full-Service Menu
* Sunday Brunch now available
* Full Bar with worldly inspired Frontier Cocktails
* Frontier Memberships, Gift Cards and Film Passes
* More Live Music, Great Film and Compelling Storytelling
* New Box Office and Concessions (Please note due to operational constraints we are unable to serve you food in the theater. However, you may enjoy concessions in the theater or come early and enjoy a hearty meal at your favorite table or at the bar. If you’re planning to have a full meal we recommend arriving at least one hour in advance of your show.)

Navigating the New

While many of you have enjoyed the “free flow” nature of Frontier in the past, we learned this format quickly creates chaos when the hive is active. To ensure a smooth experience, you will now be greeted by one of Frontier’s smiling faces. We recognize there is no one-way to navigate your Frontier experience, so let us know what’s on your compass and we’ll get you there, graciously and efficiently. When attending a film or a show, arrive early and join us for lunch, dinner, a snack or a drink at the bar. Reservations are now available if you’re a planner, but walk-ins are always welcome. And, we still offer a relaxed and casual environment with coffee, tea, snacks and Wi-Fi, so you can still stay connected to the office, write a novel or design a building while we nourish you.

Our evolution will continue throughout 2012 with enhancements to our arts, cultural and educational programming, so please stay tuned. It's a very exciting time at Frontier, and we're thrilled to have you on the journey with us.

With gratitude and appreciation,


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