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Frontier is inspired by founder Michael Gilroy's travels as an expedition leader around the world. Gilroy's passion for connecting people with experiences that provoke a sense of discovery led to the creation of a special kind of meeting place reminiscent of a traveler's crossroads – where stories, ideas and culture interact in a rich and dynamic environment. Frontier is a destination where people gather to explore food, film, music, art and ideas inspired by the world.


For over 300 years, Cabot Mill (Fort Andross) has influenced life along the banks of the Androscoggin River. It has been a trading post for fur trappers, a pre-Revolutionary fort and a bustling textile mill. The mill continues to evolve as life around it changes and today serves as a vibrant hub for professionals, artists, innovators, thinkers, tinkers and makers. Frontier is a community hub, setting conditions for new connections, inspired projects and unexpected outcomes.


Frontier was built from scratch, with heart & soul and as much reclaimed materials, fixtures and equipment as we could scrounge.  Mill 3 has been thoroughly renovated, updated and made more energy efficient. The original hardwood floors have been painstakingly restored. Nearly all the tables, benches, bars, doors, windows, light fixtures, theater seats and post & beam structures have been built by local Maine artists out of reclaimed materials salvaged from a number of historic Maine buildings.


As much as Frontier is a reclaimed space – it is very much an evolving, creative canvas for storytelling, inspiration and innovation. Our unique 85-seat cinema provides a dynamic space for film, live music, presentations, workshops, celebrations and community events. Our gallery walls provide a vibrant canvas for exhibited stories produced collaboratively with artists and storytellers from Maine and around the world.  Our canvas; from the plate, to the screen, to the stage, and to the gallery supports our mission of connecting you to the world.


Frontier believes that one of the great pleasures of traveling is the Street Market (or Bazaar) – a vibrant meeting place, rich in tastes, aromas, textures, sounds and images. Markets serve as unique cultural intersections – or crossroads – where diverse stories, thoughts and ideas are shared over a cup of coffee, a meal or a chance encounter. Our café is inspired by the essence of these street markets. Frontier is committed to creating an experience that blends fresh ingredients, world flavors and seasonal culinary traditions with a lively and entertaining meeting place that encourages cultural and community exchange.

...Go Beyond

Frontier's mission is our invitation to you – come in...go beyond. We are building an experience where you may enjoy food, film, music and art inspired by the world. Our desire is that your experience at Frontier will become an exciting part of your own living ritual.


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